Learn on the water, in the classroom, or online. Take a boating course with America’s Boating Club to become a better boater and have more fun on the water.

Online boating education

Become a better boater with America’s Boating Course

Become a better boater at your own pace. America’s Boating Course, our premier online boating course, provides a solid foundation for boating success. When coupled with a state boating test, it can prepare you to get a state boating card. It’s also available in English and Spanish.

Learn at home with online seminars

Become a better, more confident boater while learning at home. In about two hours, you can complete one of our 10 interactive online seminars on topics such as All About Marine Radio, How to Use GPS, and Weather for Boaters. America’s Boating Club members receive a 25% discount on all online seminars.

Notify me about upcoming webinars

America’s Boating Club offers live webinars in a virtual classroom, allowing instructors to present the most up-to-date information available. Sessions are recorded in case registrants can’t attend the live event.

Surf America’s Boating Channel

America’s Boating Channel offers safe boating videos and boater education digital media created for boaters, by boaters. Learn boating skills, gain boating safety know-how, and boost your knowledge from the comfort of your couch.

In-person boating education

Take a deep dive with boating courses

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned boater, our in-depth boating courses will take your skills to the next level. Courses cover subjects ranging from basic boat handling to celestial navigation. Take a boating course with one of our certified instructors in local clubs around the country. You’ll learn you the skills you need to become a better, more confident boater.

Get your feet wet with boating seminars

Want to get your feet wet with minimal commitment? Take a brief boating seminar with an experienced volunteer instructor at a classroom or club near you. Topics range from anchoring and docking to marine electronics and much more.

Hands-on boating education

Gain confidence at the helm with on-the-water training

America’s Boating Club Learning Centers offer hands-on powerboat training for new and experienced boaters. We combine classroom training with hands-on small-group practice to get you on the water, safer and faster. You’ll get personal coaching from certified instructors to make you a better, more confident boater.

Read about additional on-the-water learning opportunities from America’s Boating Club. Check out Better on the Water from The Ensign magazine.

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